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C H E F  /  O W N E R


    Chef Nivit Tipvaree, a native from Nakhon Sawan, Thailand,  studied Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management at the University of South Carolina and later changed his focus from the "service" side of the industry to the kitchen. He Graduated from the International Culinary School of the Art Institute of Charlotte, N. C..


    Chef Nivit wears many culinary hats. His expertise as a Thai, Sushi, and French culinary Chef provides a broad base for his beautiful and delicious culinary dishes. 

    Over the past several years he has received awards participating in culinary competitions. Chef Nivit treats cooking as an opportunity to create art on multiple levels including tastes, texture, and appearance.

    Chef Nivit's dream is now a reality and Bodhi Thai Dining has come into existence for a taste of real "Thai" with a modern flare.

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